Railway Electrification
(ohte) Solutions

Railway Electrification
(othe) Solutions

Established as a niche rail electrification company in 1982, our heritage, spanning over 40 years, has entrenched us as the preferred Overhead Track Equipment (OHTE) solutions provider in South Africa. As a specialist, our open, collaborative approach has enabled Tractionel Enterprise to exceed the varying railway electrification needs of our clients.

We welcome early collaboration between design engineers, our project teams and supply partners to create sustainable, whole life solutions aligned to customer goals. The latest industry thinking, emerging technology, and modern methods of construction are all embraced to improve quality and reduce costs.

Our extensive rail electrification experience allows us to guide our clients through the countless possible solutions from concept ideas and feasibility studies to design, construction, managed maintenance and even specialist training solutions.

Rail electrification is locally known as Overhead Track Equipment (OHTE) whilst the acronym OCDS (Overhead Contact Distribution System) is also widely used in international markets.

Our rail electrification division offers an extensive array of OHTE solutions which integrate a multitude of technologies and related services including traction substations, yard area lighting, power supply projects,  and managed maintenance solutions. Our service offering includes:


3kV DC electrification systems

25kV AC electrification systems

50kV AC electrification systems

Depending on the system, this can be fixed, spring, or auto tensioned systems.

Other services include Catenary and Trolley Wire design, OHTE component applications and development, “On the Fly” Voltage Change-over systems; Power Supply step down points, Traction power feeding configurations and arrangements, OHTE wire profiling under bridges, OHTE switching philosophies and configurations and Managed maintenance and condition assessments.



3kV DC traction substations and tie-stations

25kV AC traction substations and track sectioning stations

50kV AC traction feeder stations

Traction substations refurbishments or upgrades; and

Managed maintenance and condition assessments.



Interpretation of illumination requirements, design and installation  of compliant solution.

Managed maintenance and condition assessments.