Transmission Lines: The Backbone of Modern Energy Infrastructure

  In the grand tapestry of modern civilization, few threads are as vital as transmission lines. These silent custodians of energy ensure our cities never sleep and our industries never stall.  Let’s journey into the intricacies of these power corridors, guided by the insights and expertise of Tractionel. Powering Progress and Prosperity with Transmission Lines […]

The Future of Railway Electrification in South Africa

  In Gauteng, South Africa, the future is bright, and it rides on electrified rails. Railway electrification, with its myriad benefits, is at the forefront of modernising South Africa’s transport sector. Let’s embark on a journey to uncover its trajectory and significance. A Glimpse into History: South Africa’s Rail Evolution From the early 20th-century steam […]

The Future of Electricity Supply in South Africa: Transitioning to Renewable Energy

The future of electricity supply in South Africa depends on shifting towards renewable energy. Concerns about carbon footprints, the deteriorating state of the national grid, and energy sustainability have made renewable energy essential for the country’s energy infrastructure. Challenges in Traditional Electricity Supply South Africa faces challenges in traditional electricity supply, including load shedding, rising […]

Cable Theft: An Undermining Force Against South Africa’s Electricity Grid

In 2023 alone, Johannesburg has witnessed a shocking surge in incidents of cable theft, totalling over 2000 cases. The alarming frequency and the associated consequences have highlighted an escalating crisis in the city’s electricity infrastructure, further deepening the national issue of achieving sustainable electricity supply.   This crisis is primarily fuelled by the rising value […]

Understanding the Role of Substations in the Electrical Supply Chain

In the world of electrical supply, substations play an invaluable role.  Serving as a critical link in the supply chain, they ensure the efficient and reliable delivery of electricity from power plants to the end users. The Purpose of Substations in Electrical Supply Substations are essentially nodes in the power grid that perform key functions […]

Waste to Energy Plants: A Sustainable Shift in Electrical Supply

With urbanisation reaching unprecedented levels, South Africa, like many nations globally, is grappling with an escalating waste problem. Municipal landfills are rapidly reaching capacity, and the environmental consequences of mismanaged waste are becoming glaringly evident.   However, amidst these challenges, a sustainable solution emerges, and it is one that also takes a lot of the […]

Tractionel Enterprise Welcomes New Proposals Engineer, Sithembile “Sthe” Nanto

  Johannesburg, South Africa – Tractionel Enterprise is thrilled to announce the appointment of Sithembile “Sthe” Nanto to its growing team of professionals. As the new Proposals Engineer in the Proposals Department, Sithembile will be based at the Head Office in Building 2 with the Proposals Engineering team. Sithembile comes to Tractionel with an impressive […]

Exciting News!

Exciting News! On August 29, 2023, Tractionel Enterprise achieved a significant milestone by signing a Memorandum of Agreement with Eskom Holdings SOC Limited. We are proud to be one of only five pre-qualified Incubation Contractors selected to participate in Eskom’s “Skills Development in Relation to Transmission (Tx) HV Line Construction” program. In line with the […]

PRESS RELEASE Tractionel Enterprise Celebrates Dudu Mahlangu’s Stellar Academic Achievement in HR Management

Johannesburg, August 2023 – Tractionel Enterprise proudly announces the commendable achievement of Dudu Mahlangu, who recently attained her Higher Certificate in Human Resource Management with Distinction from MANCOSA. Joining Tractionel Enterprise in October 2018 as a receptionist, Dudu began her journey with the company without any prior formal work experience. Her innate curiosity and passion […]

Goodwood OHTE Relocation Project 26-04-2023

  The Tractionel team embarked on the Goodwood station OHTE relocation project in Cape Town in September 2022. The team worked diligently to meet the clients’ expectations regarding the project’s timeline and budget. The client, DCI Community Housing Services, Consultant Gibb, and end-user PRASA were equally impressed by the Tractionel team’s commitment and ability to […]