The Tractionel Group believes that projects that translate into sustainable empowerment initiatives, with long term benefits to all partners, is the true measure of transformation


At Tractionel, the success of its projects is dependent on meaningful engagement with the community, the client and other key stakeholders. Early engagement is initiated with both the community and the client


With all stakeholders, Tractionel’s objective is to build credibility and trust, develop support structures and establish champions for the project.


Community Buy-in

This engagement process also allows for the leveraging of existing community assets and resources for the project. It also enables the early identification of external issues that may hinder or pose potential threats to the successful completion of the project and enables the business to address these as soon as they are identified.


Community buy-in is key.

social development


Various non-profit organisations within the community in need
of health, education, sport and / or cultural support are
identified for assistance.

Following a validity assessment, selected beneficiaries are
identified for support, with the intention that the
empowerment is long term, and sustainable.

The Tractionel Group is a proud supporter of the Ekukhanyani Relief Project

Ekukhanyeni Relief Project champions poverty alleviation and sustainable community development through complementary community-based programmes that improve the capacity of marginalised and poor communities in urban and informal settlement environments to provide effective early childhood care and education to its children and adult support network and to achieve and sustain food and nutrition security.

Since 2005, the organisation has been working from within communities to build resilience to a multitude of social challenges through its Early Childhood Development (ECD) and Food & Nutrition Security programmes with a strong emphasis on the promotion of local community mobilisation and engagement to both encourage upliftment and resilience, as well as to develop social capital and community-based resources.  Each of their interventions aims to broaden the organisation’s effort in weaving together an holistic, family oriented approach to community development that promotes social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being from the grass roots level on up.

Ekukhanyeni’s approach is further rooted in love, service and compassion in a sphere of trust, respect, and shared responsibility with their programme beneficiaries.

Interventions are mainly operational in the City of Johannesburg, Region G with Food Security initiatives extending further afield.